Welcome to the Starfleet Portal.

We’re often asked what we do?  The most accurate answers range from “as little as possible” to “not much”.  On the upside, we do tend to be frank and don’t exaggerate what we do, which you are no doubt aware,  isn’t a great deal.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, for the moment we do offer ONE of the following services which is highlighted:

  • Badger training
  • Relationship advice
  • SJW trolling
  • An IMAP email service from $15pa.  So if you’re interested in having a yourname@starfleet.com.au email address, we’re probably the ones to contact.
  • Fishing tours
  • Reality checks
  • Pineapple advisory handling services
  • Website hosting
  • V5 engine servicing
  • Technology brokering
  • How to burn meat seminars
  • How to live with cactuses and other desert flora advisory services